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Success for All

110-8291 Ackroyd Rd, Richmond BC, V6X 3K5

T: 604 285 3835 | E: [email protected]

2019 Year-End Party

Tickets for the 2019 Year-End Achievement Awards and Dinner are now available for purchase.

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Golf/Santa Time: 4:00-6:00 pm

Dinner and Program: 6:00-9:00 pm

Tickets: $25 (13 and older) | $20 (4 to 12)

Contact: 604-285-3835 | [email protected]

Are you report card ready?

It's that time of year again. The kids have settled into the routine of school and first quarter grades are coming out. Are they report card ready? Are you?

Attitude is the most important factor for success in any field, including mathematics, so you'll want to find out where your child stands. Regardless of the math skills students are required to learn, the most important things are whether they have the mindset and ability to apply what they've learned to solve problems. It's not enough to memorize facts and algorithms that they can execute on a test; you want them to deeply understand concepts and make connections so they can become mathematical problem solvers. 

I hope these questions help you develop a better understanding of what your child will gain from school this year and set your child up for a successful year. To know how we can help, call us to arrange for a free consultation and diagnostic test for your child. As the winner of “Richmond Best Tutor 2019”, we’re here to help.

Success for All (SFA) 教育中心 ---- 列治文 2019 最佳服务获奖者

Richmond News 十多年来一直在进行“列治文最佳”年度民意调查。该调查将当地企业分为 4 类别:食品和娱乐,购物,健康与健身,和服务,然后要求读者选出在社区中发挥作用,并使城市变得强大的突出列治文人士。所有入围者和获奖者都将获得证书,以表彰他们为建立健康,充满活力的社区所做的宝贵贡献。

我们很自豪宣布,Success for All 创办人 Jenny Chan 女士,被选为 2019年“列治文最佳”---- 最佳服务(导师/学习中心类别)前三名入围者之一。祝贺 Jenny Chan女士为 Success for All 获得这个奖项,为我们所有学生带来改变 --- 帮助他们更积极的设计自己的教育路径,成为批判性思考者,问题解决者和自我导向的终身学习者。

Success for All 在 2015 – 2018 期间用 Eye Level Richmond North 运作,现已更名为 Success for All Canada。我们的中心赢得多项 Eye Level 奖项和表彰,包括:最佳实践奖(美加),优秀奖( 美加),文学奖(全球),批判性思维挑战奖(加拿大),Oratacular 演讲奖(美加)和 数学奥林匹克奖(全球)。

Register Now for Summer Camps 2019!

Join Success for All's All Day or Half Day Camp (ages 5 to 15) to keep students engaged with math-related concepts and practice, English and Chinese reading comprehension and essay writing. The days are structured to include classwork as well as hands-on activities related to the subjects. Students will also participate in impromptu public speaking/debate workshops, spelling bee mini-competitions, and coding/programming experiences. There will be 1 field trip per week (admission tickets not included). Pizza lunch on the last day is included.

  • Half day camp: $300 per week | Full day camp: $450 per week

To register, go to:   You can also contact us at 604 285 3835 or [email protected] for further information.

Critical thinking is essential if we are to get to the root of our problems and develop reasonable solutions. After all, the quality of everything we do is determined by the quality of our thinking. 邏輯思考 (Critical Thinking) 對孩子的發展非常重要。孩子越早掌握邏輯思考,對將來的個人發展會更好。 透過解決生活化的問題,可以訓練孩子活用不同知識。

The 3rd Critical Thinking Competition is open to all Grades 1 - 7 students. It is designed to promote the practical application of critical thinking into real life scenarios. With the new BC Curriculum moving towards critical thinking skills development, this is an excellent opportunity for your child to test their learning skills - all while having FUN!

由 Success for All 及 列治文公共图书馆 舉辧,將於今年 6 月 8 日 假座 Brighouse Public Library 舉行。報名截止日期為 5 月 31 日,名額有限,請從速報名。This event is organised by Success for All (SFA) & Richmond Public Library. Registration ends May 31, 2019. Call 604.285.3835 or email [email protected] to register.

How the New BC Curriculum and Assessment prepares students for the demands of the 21st Century

According to Jenny Chan, Academic Consultant for Success for All (SFA), “In the new curriculum, students are given far more responsibility for their own learning. Learning is more concept-driven than content-driven, focusing on big ideas. The new curriculum also brought changes to the method of assessment. The traditional report cards with letter grades is now replaced with a formal written report card which include letter grades and comments on a continuum to indicate the student’s level of performance. The report is a collection of formative and summative classroom assessments.                         Read more.....

Student Referral Program 2019

Thank you to all our parents who participated. We have 2 winners; they will be receiving their special gift at the Christmas Award Night and Dinner on December 14, 2019.